Your Smile Specialist can play a huge role in your child’s appearance and dental health. We recommend that your child is examined by an orthodontist at about age 7.

Your child’s teeth might appear straight but there could be problems beneath the surface:

A bad bite, poorly positioned adult teeth, jaw issues and so on. There could also be issues brought on by thumb sucking

Your Smile Specialist can identify these problems and start fixing them, thus avoiding potential future problems.

What will we look at?

Baby teeth give a good indication of where permanent teeth will be positioned. That’s why it’s important to have Dr Peter Keenan examine your child’s mouth while they still have baby teeth.

It’s a good idea to see an orthodontist if your child:

  • Has lost baby teeth early
  • Has difficulty eating
  • Has a tendency to thumb suck
  • Has crowded teeth
  • Has a clicking jaw
  • Has a tendency to bites cheeks when eating
  • Has jaws that appear too far forward or too far back

How to Choose the Right Orthodontist

For the best results, selecting an experienced Orthodontist can make all the difference.

Dr Peter Keenan is an expert in Invisalign and all types of orthodontic treatment. He will always talk to you about all your options. We will evaluate your specific issues on your initial consultation. Creating beautiful smiles no matter how challenging is what we do!

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