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“Well today marked almost three years of a journey…..a chapter in my daughters life.

From the start we were determined to help Eimear as I was a child of the eighties reluctantly and sadly I still bear my crooked and overcrowded teeth, I guess I’m still on a waiting list somewhere for the public orthodontist treatment of the time…thankfully times have changed and my daughter had the opportunity to have her embarrassment turned into the most amazing smile that she keeps showing off today!

At the start it was tough… first week of secondary school heading into class with new braces… starving and sore she bravely faced a new beginning… there were bumps along the way she had to have dental surgery which meant basically a liquid diet for six weeks! It’s amazing the things you learn along the way!

Eimear has the most terrifying fear of needles I cannot explain enough how understanding Dr Keenan and her surgeon and anaesthetist in Portiuncula hospital were in relation to this major stumbling block, they made it so easy for her.

Bright and early today we arrived to Galway to have her braces removed her reaction when she saw herself for the first time made all the pain and hardship worth it. She struggled to hold back the tears of joy! We cannot highly recommend Dr Keenan and all his staff enough…from the receptionists, nurses, technicians ..all are happy, helpful and a pleasure to deal with. Two of the girls share a birthday with Eimear and every August they made a fuss of her!

It’s not an easy ride but if you follow the rules you will do fine and if in bother the girls are just at the end of the phone and at weekends we discovered the website was able to answer any query we had.

Thank you is not enough to express the gratitude we feel, it has been life changing and we will remember you every time we see
Eimears’ beautiful smile….

We are forever in your debt!”

– Trish R.

“I am delighted to show off my new smile which was all made possible from the most professional run business I have ever seen Keenan Orthodontics.
Would just like to say a massive thanks to everyone there over the last few years who I had the pleasure of befriending from all the staff right up to Peter himself.

They are all about team effort and making you smile every time you see them.

They accommodated me brilliantly even when I had tiny windows of opportunity to make an appointment as I live in the Netherlands now and was never home for too long.

All in all I can not recommend this great team enough and would gladly answer any questions you may have on p.m regarding my treatment or care under Dr. Peter Keenan Orthodontics.
Thanks again team for the great experience.”

– Seamus G.

The service we received at Keenan Orthodontics exceeded all expectations. Their professionalism and commitment to delivering an exceptional service was outstanding. At my very first visit with my daughter, the total cost of the treatment shocked me, but Keenan’s have payment options that will suit most people. I really appreciated that the initial figure was the total figure, without any extra fees thrown in along the way, even though my daughter needed to wear the train tracks longer than initially anticipated, and other little bits had to be done along the way to ensure her teeth would be perfect, but without any extra cost on me. The end result is a perfect set of teeth, and we are delighted.”

– Maeve C.

“I recently came to the end of my 29 month journey and finally got my braces off! Peter keenan made a FANTASTIC job of my teeth and I feel like a new woman! I’m a mother of three in my late 30’s (ahem, ahem) so it just shows that it’s never too late to perfect your smile. For anyone thinking of taking the plunge i would highly recommend Peter Keenan Orthodontics to get you the results you desire. The staff are always so pleasant, helpful and professional. They get to know you very quickly by first name basis and always make you feel welcome. You won’t be disappointed with this orthodontist.”

– Antoinette C.

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