Being a teenager is often the best time to get your teeth straightened. The ideal timing is just before the last of your baby teeth fall out and before your jaws have completed their growth. Quite often teenagers not only need to have their teeth straightened but also need help to encourage a smaller lower jaw to grow, or a crossbite corrected. At Keenan orthodontics we have years of experience at correcting this and have treated lots of teenagers with similar problems.

The choice of braces ranges from the traditional metal braces, which can be made much more colourful and fun by adding different colours of elastics modules to them. You can have baby blue, baby pink, and any colour to match your county football team ie the Mayo, Galway or Roscommon colours and even your favourite premiership team.

If you want the braces to be less obvious then we have clear tooth coloured braces for your upper front teeth, so that when your new smile is being created, you will only see a thin wire across your front teeth.

From our first experience with Dr Keenan and his team it has been totally a positive one. We have been well informed on all procedures and after 2 years it has gone to plan resulting in a perfect smile and a more confident teenager.
The girls are so helpful, understanding and friendly and not once have we been left waiting beyond appointment times.
I could not be happier for my child that this work has been completed in such experienced hands.
Thank you so much.” 

– Amy D.

You may even decide not to have braces and opt to have treatment with us using the Invisalign teen system, where a series of aligners incrementally move your teeth to their desired position.

Treatment times can vary but often treatment takes 18 months to 2 years to complete. Afterwards you will be provided with retainers to keep your new smile and bite in the correct position.

Getting your teeth straightened will improve your self-confidence, make your teeth easier to clean and give you the ability to enjoy a beautiful smile for the rest of your life.

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