Customer Service and Patient Dedication

At Keenan Orthodontics, we are dedicated to one thing – our patients. What sets us apart from other orthodontist practices is our team. Each team member treats every patient who comes in our door as a member of his or her extended family. Our success depends on you – and we want to ensure you have successful, and enjoyable orthodontic treatment.

Our goal is to offer a patient-focused practice. That means we are here to serve you – to answer your questions, to ease your concerns, to walk with you every step of the way.

As a parent of an orthodontic patient, we know your greatest joy is in seeing your children happy and smiling. We know that you have many choices in orthodontic practices, and we consider it a privilege when parents choose us as their child’s care provider. It’s an honour we take very seriously, and we work hard with you and your child to provide the most beautiful and properly functioning smile.

If you’ve waited to have orthodontic treatment as an adult, we know what an important decision this is. You’ve spent a lifetime hiding your smile, and one of our greatest joys is seeing the happy, confident smiles once treatment is complete.

We are dedicated to you and to your smile – that’s our promise.

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