Orthodontic Treatment Options for Adult patients

Do you hate smiling because your teeth are crooked? If you have avoided orthodontic treatment because you didn’t want to draw more attention to your problem with a mouth full of metal, there’s good news for you. Today, there are more options to quickly and discretely straighten your teeth than ever before.   Adults who [...]

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What’s really possible with Invisalign?

Are you interested in Invisalign or Invisalign Teen  for your child? Are you asking yourself ‘is it the right choice for me’? Maybe you’ve already had a consultation with a dentist, and you’ve been told that Invisalign can straighten your front teeth, and that’s all that really matters, right?   Wrong!   Invisalign is a [...]

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When should you bring your child to the orthodontist?

Your Smile Specialist can play a huge role in your child’s appearance and dental health. We recommend that your child is examined by an orthodontist at about age 7. Your child’s teeth might appear straight but there could be problems beneath the surface: A bad bite, poorly positioned adult teeth, jaw issues and so on. [...]

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Mums guide to Invisalign Teen

Today, there is an alternative to bulky metal braces. Parents now has the option of treating their Teenagers with clear braces called Invisalign Teen. Its a more discreet alternative to regular braces, and its suitable for the vast majority of teenagers. Invisalign for Teens Invisalign has a proven track record with adults, and now Invisalign [...]

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What Makes A Good Smile?

Smiling can have a positive impact on your mood and on the moods of people around you. It can give you an instant boost, even when you’re having a bad day. However, not everyone is comfortable smiling. There are a number of problems that can turn a great smile bad, but there are solutions that [...]

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Braces Confidence

The teenage years can be a traumatic time in the life of your child. Kids are pressured to take perfect selfies, have flawless skin, and maintain model-like figures. Many children who have noticeably crooked or unevenly spaced teeth suffer from harassment and low self-esteem. Parents have several options: Traditional braces Clear or white braces Invisalign [...]

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